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The beginning


of a missional movement


in Sacramento


What do you think of when you hear the word "missionary"???

Moving to another country? Leaving home to serve God? Learning a new language to tell people about Jesus in a faraway land? What if that’s only one part of the story?

What if you could start thinking and acting like a missionary today without leaving everything behind?

Every one of us is called to live on mission for God, right where he has already placed us. What if he has plans for you to make a difference right where you already live?

Until now, you’ve always heard people talk about GOING to be a missionary. But, what’s wrong with the idea of STAYING to be a missionary?

Our Goal is to encourage and equip the saints to live as missionaries in the places they already live, work, and play. To see every neighborhood in the Sacramento area inhabited and served by at least one Christian on mission. Think about the difference we could make in our world if each of us focused on our own neighborhoods. Together, we can be a light to the entire region.


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9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Doors Open at 8:30 AM

Here are just a few of our scheduled presenters



Hugh Halter

Church planter, pastor, consultant, and missionary to the US. He is the U.S. Director of FORGE America, an apprenticing community committed to train men and women to live as missionaries where they already are. He is author of The Tangible Kingdom, AND…the gathered & scattered church, TK Primer, BiVO, Sacrilege, FLESH and Brimstone.  Hugh speaks extensively around the world to laity and leaders. He is an advocate for disoriented God seekers and loves to inspire and re-orient leaders around incarnational mission in any form of church. You can find Hugh at,,

Sharon Bollum

Sharon is currently producing the documentary, 40 Churches in 40 Weeks TM and writing a book about what she discovered through interviewing hundreds of church leaders and members all across the United States. Find out more at

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Jeremiah Aja

Jeremiah is the Founder of Forge Sacramento, launched in 2013, and was a part of the Forge America national team until 2015. He has since moved on to other ventures, but he will be joining us for this event. 

Rev. Lamar Pringle

Formerly a Youth and Young Adult Pastor in Omaha Nebraska and Director of Sacramento Young Life. Rev. Lamar Pringle now has big plans as the Senior Pastor of The First Baptist Church of Sacramento

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Our venue for the day:

2324 L Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 | (916) 443-6537



9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Doors open at 8:30

Saturday, September 30, 2017