June 29, 2017 Newsletter


Hey there Friends!

We're home from a very refreshing four days in Knoxville, Tennessee with the entire Forge America team. Tennessee was wonderful (the fact that it was 30 degrees cooler when we arrived than it was in Sacramento was definitely a bonus). And the whole Forge Knoxville crew has the skill of hospitality mastered.

We talked with all of the other hub leaders about things that have been helpful, and we came back with a few new ideas we will be running by our leadership team here in Sacramento. A lot of this centered around the idea that we need to be open to new ideas and possibilities in the way we help Christians live on mission.

One of the possibilities that really grabbed our attention was the idea of offering a level of training with a lower commitment level than a 6-month residency. Some of the other hubs have been experimenting with ideas like a monthly luncheon or happy hour for those who want to keep learning about missional practices but aren't able to commit to a full residency.

If that sounds like Something you might be interested in, would you let us know?

Our goal is to see a movement grow in Sacramento. For some people, the residency is the best way to propel them into mission. But, we want to make sure we are developing and offering other alternatives as well. 

If you have other ideas, we'd love to hear them.

We have a few to start with, but we'd much rather hear what would be best for you.....from you. 

We also talked a lot about the benefits that can come from partnering with others who have similar goals with different skills. At Forge Sacramento, our specialty is primarily helping Christians live on mission in their everyday lives. In the last few months we've been working to develop partnerships with churches, schools, and other organizations that have different specialties and resources than we do. And, the other leaders we talked with said they are beginning the same process and encouraged us to do more of that.

So, we've asked before, but please feel free to help us connect with others if you think there could be a valuable partnership.

Thanks again, and it's good to be home!
Joe and Sarah (and the whole Forge Sacramento Team)

P.S. We had a chance to spend some time with Hugh Halter, and he is excited to join us for Staying Is The New Going on September 30! If you haven't had a chance to purchase EARLY BIRD TICKETS (for you and your team if you have one), make sure you do that before the prices go up. 


The only reason Forge Sacramento is able to do the work we do in training men and women to live as missionaries in Sacramento is because of our generous donors. If you would like to support this ministry, please click the link below.


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