June 14, 2017

Hello again Friend!

For the last few weeks, we’ve been giving you updates about what Forge Sacramento has been up to so far in 2017. If you think you’ve missed any of those updates, you can see them all here. This week, we decided to change things up a bit, though.

Did you know that we (Joe and Sarah) published a book in 2016 that was highly inspired by our connection with Forge Sacramento? It’s called Bless Like Jesus: Stop Trying to Convert and Simply Show People They Matter. 


In the book, we take you through a step-by-step process to develop the habit of blessing people by:

  • Following Jesus’s example in the way he interacted with people everywhere he went
  • Showing you how to improve your ability to recognize needs and opportunities to bless every person you interact with
  • Helping you identify more ways your skills and possessions can be used to bless people now
  • Creating a plan to actually bless people every day and preparing you to stick with it
  • Giving you the necessary tools to turn blessing people into a lasting habit you can pass on to others

If you haven’t already read the book, we have attached the first 3 chapters to this email free!

It's broken down into 4 sections, and designed to be worked through over the course of 4 weeks. So, the first chapters make up the first week.

Even on our own website, we don’t give away this much of the book, but we want to thank you for being connected with Forge Sacramento. Your support and prayers are what keep this ministry going, and we want you to know we appreciate you.

We hope you will take the time to read these chapters. the file is attached to this email! Don’t worry, they’re pretty short. And, let us know what you think! You can find out more about the book on our personal website here

That’s all for now, but we’ll have another update on how Forge Sacramento is doing next week!

Until then, we’re happy you’re here,

Joe and Sarah (and the whole Forge Sacramento Team)

Joe CaplesComment