It's $20 Friday!

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Calling all Friday after work thrift shoppers
We need your help!
The rumors are true. Today is $20 Friday!

"But what is $20 Friday?"
We're so glad you asked!

$20 Friday is the day where we, very intentionally, ask YOU to join us in Raising the Banner by giving $20 to our fundraising campaign- either a one-time $20 gift, or a $20/month gift for 2014. You can easily do that by clicking here to donate and delegating your gift to "Forge Sacramento-Raise the Banner."

"Wait, what? You guys are raising some kind of banner? What's that all about?"
Wow- now we're REALLY glad you asked! Check out the details of our fundraising campaign to raise $50K in 50 Days (February 25th-April 15th) called Raise the Banner.

"50 thousand dollars in 50 days?!? Are you guys crazy?"
Maybe ;)

"But I like to pop some tags with my $20 on Fridays. Why should I give it to you guys instead?"
Good question. We are not just asking you to sacrifice a shopping trip or a few lattes this month, we're inviting you to join us in extending God's offer to all us to participate with Him in putting the world back together again. Find out more about how we're doing this here.

"Very cool. But wait, wasn't this whole popping tags and $20 thing popular in 2012 and 2013?"
Yes, good catch. But just roll with it.

Will you join us for $20 Friday today? CLICK HERE TO SAY YES. It would mean the world to us if you could. Help us spread the word by sharing!