Changing the Evangelism Paradigm

If mission is at the heart of our God, then discipleship is the blood that pumps through it. As Hirsch writes in Disciplism, "Disciple-making lies at the very core of the church’s ‘sentness’ and mission." Making disciples was a mandate from our Risen Lord, not an a la carte when following Him. For many years, is it possible that we have saved others from something without saving them for something? 

In this eBook, Disciplism, meant not only for pastors but for anyone following Jesus, Alan points us to discipleship as a priority of God's mission and helps us re-organize our practice of evangelism in the context of making disciples. 

Engaging and challenging, Hirsch's FREE eBook is a reimagination of the widespread understanding of evangelism, pointing us to the need for a re-examination of it in today's local church. Have our evangelistic efforts, fueled by the best of intentions, stopped short of what Jesus told us to do in His last words before the Ascension? So often discipleship can take a backseat to evangelism. In Hirsch's latest, he paints them as locking arms, relying on each other to propel God's mission forward in the world.

Imagine this, as Hirsch asks us to do in Disciplism- What if every Jesus-following man or woman in our cities made it a priority to intentionally make space for sustainable and loving relationships with just two or three others, and asked them to do the same? Within 50 years, what kind of impact could we make?  Our hope is that the Rule and Reign of God would be proclaimed and demonstrated in every life around us.

You can get the Disciplism eBook here!

Jeremiah AjaComment